My Time to Give Back

After thirty years in the coin laundry business, working with apartment owners and managers, Colleges and Universities, institutions, non-profits and hotels and travel centers, I learned the value of service, flexibility, and the notion that there is always a way to work through problems and find a sustaining solution.

Business and personal life are rarely easy.  One can almost never step back and say "This is exactly where I want to be". 

However, designing your future is very real.  Possibility has always fascinated me.  Wilbur and Orville Wright envisioned a future that saw people soaring overhead in objects in the sky.  In 1905, most people saw this as an absurdity.  They were looked at as dreamers.  People laughed at them, and told them they were not living in reality.  And yet, a generation later, life changed for everyone.  It was possible to arrive in a different Continent in a matter of hours, not weeks.

History is full of underdogs overcoming long odds.  In 2018, unheralded University of Maryland at Baltimore County won at at large bid in the NCAA Basketball tournament.  As a number 16 seed, they drew number 1 seed University of Virginia.  History indicated such a game was a formality, as as number 16 seed had never beaten a number 1 seed, and many believed it would never happen.  Yet UMBC not only won, but did so by 20 points.  Was it a fluke?  Or did this team take an honest assessment of who they were, what there shortcomings were, and draw a road to their future by defying everyones expectations?

Possibilities fascinate me.  Working with others to redefine their futures is my destiny.  

I enjoy skiing, tennis, hiking and biking, and Sergio Leone films, among other things.  I have a Bernadoodle, who I enjoy long walks with, and a fiancee, whom I enjoy that and almost everything else with.  I have two kids, male and female, and am never happier than when I get a big hug from them.

  • Member of International Coaches Federation

  • At Accomplishment Coaching

  • Owner and President of Continental Laundry Systems 1988-2013

  • Area Vice President and Vice President National Accounts Coinmach and CSC 2013-2017


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